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You did it. Thanks. Celebration party next Friday, August 4th.




Bloomington.  Friends.  Y’all are incredible. We have topped $15K of the $20K needed. Thank you. Thank you. You have made me cry so many times this past week. I knew we were a special place, however, your stories, generosity, hugs have renewed my desire to work my tail off to keep our schedule full, our crew happy and doors open. Thank you.

Yet, we are still short. Please spread the word. Purchase some certificates. Challenge your friends to match you.
Stop in, call or check out our new PayPal portal on our website.

Lots of folks have asked how are we going to raise sales to cover expenses in the future. Very fair, smart question. Here’s been my answers.
We have several day parts (show times) each week that we are growing. Most started last semester and are aimed at our student population. They had been picking up steam in March and April and slated to return in August.

We had started a Solo Showcase in Mondays with the help of Music Industry students. It was a mix of student and town artists each Monday evening.

Thursday nights, we were offering jam bands starting at 10 pm. Those shows were picking up steam and will return in August.

Our EDM Friday night dance parties continue to gain traction. Bring in 40+ dancers and sure to grow more as the students return.

I’m getting better at filling our stage on Saturday nights after midnight.

These are all parts of the week that we haven’t been taken full advantage of.

These are just some of the reason I believe we will grow our sales in the upcoming months.

Thank you all. Our mission is simple. It hangs on our stage. We try our best to live up to it.

Truth, Love, Joy

Much of all three,

Hi Friends,

We are 5 days into our efforts to raise $20K to pay the State of Indiana to be able to renew our Retail merchant licence.  We are offering Gift Certificate for sale with an 10% payoff instantly.  Buy $100, receive $110. $500 will get you $550 to use in the future.  We promise to buy all the certificates back, if we don’t make our goal by next Tuesday. July 25th.

We have topping 5K with 38 folks helping, mostly $100 at a time.  Several friends have messaged us about stopping in during the coming days.  We have had several people ask about an GOFundMe page to allow folks to donate anonymously.  So, we have added a PayPal portal to our website.  We had discussed adding one for on-line ticket sales.  It is active on our website. Top right corner or here is the link.  https://theplayerspub.com/donations/  

We will write in the next day or so, to let you know what we have planned for the next school year.  How we will be raising our sales the $3k and more per month to become profitable.  

Thanks for your confidence and donations.  Stop in, call 812.334.2080 or check out our secure Pay Pal link. https://theplayerspub.com/donations/


Together, we will keep the Pub afloat,

Joe & Vicky 



 Hi Folks,

Just a quick update on our progress, 3 days into the campaign.

We have topped $3000. Mostly with $100 contributions (13), one each -$500, $200, $50 and $1000.  You have shared our request over 80 times on Facebook, making it seen by over 8000 people.  Thank You.

Just stop by or call 812.334.2080 anytime during business hours to help.

Joe & Vicky


Dear Friends (and faithful customers),

This Saturday, July 15th, will mark four years that Vicky and I have owned The Players Pub.  It’s been an interesting ride.  The joy of participating in the music and art of this community is wonderful. All the kind words and smiles from both the performers and audiences do a soul good.

Four years ago, we were scrambling up until the last few moments to arrange finances to purchase the pub. We listened and we heard the community’s desperate pleas to keep the pub going.  Since the banks would not help us, we reached out to the Players Pub community to help get us started and to continue the magic that is The Players Pub.  Due to the help and love of thirteen special people, we managed to purchase the pub and keep it alive…for you, and for us.  

Since that time, we have paid off two investors completely and several more partially while a few have patiently waited and, in the meantime, enjoyed the pub, its events, the food, the beverages and, of course, the music. 

When we started, the Pub was doing about $23K a month. We grew that over the next three years to a peak of $36K in June of 2016 (one year ago). For the last year we have hovered at about $31K.  Simply put, that just is not enough.  Our monthly break-even number is that $36K peak.  To reach that we would need another $100-200 a day or about eight more paid customers per day.  We are just that close but have been unable to close the gap.

What this means is we have lost an average of $2K to $3K each month, for 48 months.  The IRS and Indiana taxes are our biggest debts. We need to have the State of Indiana paid ($20,000) in order to renew our Retail Merchant License which expires on July 31st.  If we are unable to do that, the pub will close on that date.

We don’t have that $20K.  We have been looking for that one big investor that believes in the local music/art scene.  We haven’t found that person yet. 

And so, our friends, we are turning to you. You are the people who love live music, love dancing, love good food and love sharing all of this with old friends, family, new friends and the music-loving community of Bloomington. The pub is a unique Bloomington establishment. We are local owned, we offer live music nearly every single day. Where else can you see your friends and neighbors on stage one day and a national touring act on stage the next? We are hopeful that the community will step up to keep the tradition alive.

You can help.  

We are selling gift certificate to raise that $20K. Yep, that’s a lot of paying it forward.  We feel that our stage, our diverse musical schedule, and dedication to our local musicians is a worthwhile investment in the Bloomington arts community.

We will pay you 10% interest instantly for helping.  Buy $100, we will give you $110 in certificates.  If a person pays $500 that person gets $550.  It takes a village to raise a child…we need our village to keep us alive.

We understand you might be leery of investing and have legitimate fear of losing your money.  We will keep you posted of the progress over the next 10 days.  We will not use your money until we have reached our goal. Should we not reach the goal (heaven forbid), we buy back your unused certificates.

Please stop in during business hours or call 812.334.2080 to help. We will mail or hold your certificates till your next visit. 

More information will be forthcoming in the next days.


Truth, Joy, and Love,


Vicky & Joe 




Upcoming Shows

Megan Luttrell

July 28 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47401 United States

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Megan Luttrell, currently based in Lawrence Kansas, draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles including folk, roots, blues, country, and Americana. She released her debut album “Broken Bottles” in June 2016, which was featured on Kansas Public R...

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July 28 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47401 United States
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EDM Dance Party

July 28 @ 11:00 pm - 2:30 am
The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47401 United States

Weekly EDM Dance party hosted by Bloomington’s hottest DJs.

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July 29 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47401 United States

If you’re looking for a band that serves up a variety of Classic/Soft Rock and Blues then look no further. CounterPoint delivers the hits from the 60’s-90’s covering groups like Guns & Roses, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Clapton, Kansas, Bon Jovi,

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The Double Digits (feat. Jerry Miller) with The Wild Frontier

July 29 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47401 United States

The Double Digits (feat. Jerry Miller) with The Wild Frontier The Double Digits feature some of Bloomington’s hottest pickers who assemble to play Django Reinhardt’s canon of hot jazz tunes via fun, modern, and surprising interpretations! The Wild Frontier is

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