Dear all,

Thank you for your support so far folks, but unless there is a miracle today we won’t have a active liquor license come Saturday. We have raised $3,000 of the $14,000 needed so far. Saturday’s line up of the Uke-tones and the Dynamics normally puts 400 people through the door. We are going to present those shows and hope people contribute over the weekend. We are working on a Sunday benefit with feelers out to local artists who might want to help. If you’re a local artist who wants to help out on Sunday let us know at

I know you might be leary of putting your money where it might not be able to be used later. We will know by Monday if we can get our liquor license, and we will buy back those gift certificates if our goal is not met, so it’s no risk to you if you buy gift certificates. We have posted three ticketed “events” where you can buy gift certificates through our page. Links are included below. 

It is up to you Bloomington, it’s your favorite stage, help us save it. We have two incredible shows on Saturday and more to come on Sunday. Hopefully we will see you there. Please continue to spread the word about us and keep buying gift certificates.


Love, Truth, Joy



P.S. Below are the links to the Gift Certificate pages for $20, $50, and $100 respectively.