If the Pub’s open, so’s the kitchen!

The Player’s Pub, locally owned bar and eatery, would like to invite ALL members of the public to join us at the pub.  Since October 15th, 2015, The Pub has expanded the front of the venue to persons of all ages.
Expanding access to the front of the venue had been an issue that owners, Joe Estivill and Vicky Kilmer, have wanted to change since purchasing the pub. The Pub’s philosophy has always been to serve as a musical venue available to all types of artists and all segments of the local public.

The Player’s Pub is aiming to pull in a younger demographic and believes that removing age limits in the front of the venue will allow more people to have stage side access for its more popular events like The Jazz and Blues Jams as well as increasing available restaurant seating.

The immediate bar area of the Pub will remain 21 years of age and older and has been sectioned off accordingly. The Player’s Pub is an eclectic musical venue and restaurant/bar offering a diverse menu and daily specials. The pub has great music and a full menu seven nights a week until late. The kitchen closes when the bar closes! The Player’s Pub is just a short walk south from the square and one block east of the B-Line Trail.