If you’re looking for a band that serves up a variety of Classic/Soft Rock and Blues then look no further. CounterPoint delivers the hits from the 60’s-90’s covering groups like Guns & Roses, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Clapton, Kansas, Bon Jovi, […]

6pm-Stardusters Big Band

Stardusters Music is dedicated to keeping the Big Band sound alive and well. We believe that jazz is America’s music and that the Big Band is its voice.

5pm-Ya Never Know

Ya Never Know is the project of Caveman Dave Everton, and each show is different. It could be a regular, full band lineup, or a smaller duo/trio type of configuration, with a variety of music genres, but mostly classic rock […]

5pm-Mad Hatters

The Mad Hatters are a classic rock and blues band based in Bloomington, IN featuring Ray Martindale on drums, Mike McGinnis on bass, Bob Gonyea on keyboards, and Jack Urrutia on guitar. Their wide-ranging song catalog showcases tight 4-part vocal […]