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Bloomington, IN
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Love, joy, truth. We thank all the artists for their input. We are trying to offer a world class stage to the local community and expand our schedule to offer too many opportunities for people to present their art. We are open to suggestions, artistic endeavors and fun.

Upcoming Events

Easy listenin', fine playin' happy hour music
5:00 PM  Free

8:00 PM  $5

Weekly Jazz Jam. Host band plays first set, then you may join in.
5:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

8:00 PM  $5

Weekly Open Mic. Come claim your ten minutes of stage time.
5:00 PM  Free

Featuring Lewis Ricci, Cathy Gutjahr, dwBrykalski, Mark LaPointe
8:00 PM  Donations

Blues music was made for dancing. Join us each week to find the rhythm in your body and learn how to express yourself within the living tradition of Blues dance. No partner or previous dance experience necessary. Class is just $5 this week.
6:30 PM  $5

Weekly Blues Jam. Host band plays first set, then you are invited on stage to jam.
8:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

Jazz and swing are America’s music emerging from the stylings and sounds of the era of the Big Bands. Stardusters Music is dedicated to keeping that Big Band sound alive and well.
6:00 PM  $7

Music to make the world a more groovy place.
10:00 PM  $3

Singer Songwriter for your Happy Hour enjoyment.
5:00 PM  Free

Blues, Roots, Funk
8:30 PM  

Weekly Open Mic. Your chance to claim your 10 minutes of stage time.
11:30 PM  Free

Jason Ricci (vocals/harmonica) Tadas Paegle (guitar) Matt Brookshire (bass) Steve Woods (vocals/guitar) Jan Clark (drums)
5:00 PM  Free

Phil Hipskind - guitar and vocals Jim Rollins - drums and vocals Kari Johnson - vocals Jack Joseph - bass Nelson Batalon Jr - saxophone and vocals Hajee - keys, saxophones, flute and vocals
8:00 PM  $5


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