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424 South Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN
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Love, joy, truth. We thank all the artists for their input. We are trying to offer a world class stage to the local community and expand our schedule to offer too many opportunities for people to present their art. We are open to suggestions, artistic endeavors and fun.

Upcoming Events

5:00 PM  

Music to make the world a more groovy place.
8:00 PM  $3

Weekly Early Evening Open Mic. Your stage time awaits you.
5:00 PM  Free

Long longing round robin Songwriters Showcase. This week featuring Sissy Brown, Margaret Tratta , Brad Harris & Christopher Burch.
8:00 PM  Donations

"Work out your brain as you soak in beer. 6 rounds of trivia. 13 taps. You do the math."
6:00 PM  $3 per player

Weekly Free Blues Dance Lessons before the Blues Jam by Josh Davis
7:30 PM  Free

Weekly all-ages Blues Jam. Host band will play the first set, then invite you & others to join in.
8:00 PM  $2 for host band

Rikki Jean & the DWBs, a country blues band guided by the swampy sounds of Rikki Jean. Her southern roots and poetic lyricism translate perfectly into moody tunes you'll love to get lost in.
6:00 PM  $3

We excel in sparkling vibraphone and vocal harmonies from the american songbook but spice it up the old with Joe Jackson and Amy Winehouse.
8:00 PM  $5

D'Jade invites you to belt one out during this Weekly Late Night Karaoke.
11:00 PM  Free

5:00 PM  Free

we play your favorite guitar-rock, dance-rock and diva-rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the millennium. We love classic and southern rock, but on any given night you'll hear some blues, funk, R&B, pop, or country. Impasse -- the band who agrees to disagree -- can't decide on just one genre, so we play them all!
8:00 PM  $5

Orignal Americana southern Indiana band of Jerry D. Maulin, Shane Del Bianco, Billy Joe Blake, Jr. and Dave Clingan.
5:00 PM  Free

8:00 PM  

“Jason and Polly Punkneck are a high energy show. They twang to the core, channeling Hank Williams Jr. and Dolly Parton more so than Sid Vicious and Siouxie Sioux” (Erica K. Landau, New Times Florida).
7:00 PM  


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